Melinda Moraes de Latanowski

Yoga/Dance Teacher, Holistic Healing Practitioner & Architect

With my father from Paraguay and my mother from Brazil, I grew up in South America with a strong culture of music and dance at home since I was a little girl. From an early age I was introduced to esoteric books about healing, energy work and crystals through my parents. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to study Ballet, Paraguayan Traditional Folklore and Jazz from the age of 9 and after completing 11 years of Dance in Paraguay I received an official degree as a Dance Teacher. During this time I participated in many contests and workshops around the continent.

I completed my Architecture Degree at the National University of Architecture (FADU) in Buenos Aires, Argentina during which time I also studied Argentinian Tango and Jazz.

img_4652I worked as an Architect in Public Works in Paraguay with my priority always being to try to contribute to a better world to live in through creating positive environments. It was on this quest that I then discovered my love for Yoga through regularly attending classes in Kundalini & Ashtanga Yoga and completing Meditation courses in “The Art of Living”. This discovery brought me to a new found sense of peace and balance in my emotions and an increased awareness of my body & mind.
This shift made it certain in my mind that I wanted to dedicate myself to studying everything that I Love most in dance, Yoga & the healings arts. I completed my first Reiki Attunement in the Despertar Shakti Centre In Buenos Aires, took Contemporary Dance classes in the IUNA (National University of Arts) and enrolled in singing classes with Oscar Irustia (producer of Pampa Records). I was blessed to have been invited by Oscar to record and produce my own written songs which was a really great opportunity to explore this new part of myself.
I then travelled to Thailand where I completed a ‘Thai Massage Course’ at the Thai Healing Art Center and a 1 week Silent ‘Vipassana Retreat. It was at this time I started to study and love the art of Acro Yoga. Returning from Asia I was blessed with my second Reiki Attunement in Paraguay before then moving to Brazil where I took an AcroYoga retreat with Thais Joy to incorporate more technical studies to my AcroYoga practice.
 With my passion in Yoga fully grounded I then completed my ‘Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours certification Yoga Alliance Brazil’ with Camila Reitz in Brazil and started to teach regularly.
With my passion in Yoga fully grounded I then completed my “Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours certification Yoga Alliance Brazil” with Camila Reitz in the “Piracanga EcoVillage”, Brazil and started to teach regularly. I worked as a Yoga teacher in the beautiful “Paraiso dos Pandavas” Yoga Resort and in the “Blue Lotus Space” in Alto Paraiso de Goias, Brazil.
I travelled to London where I started practicing Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Integral Yoga for Children (specialising with Special Needs) with my now husband, Stef Latanowski (Yoga teacher, Physiotherapist,  & Holistic Healer).
We travelled together to Thailand where we both received Reiki “Level 1 and 2” Attunements and training with the Ajna Light in Thailand with Guy Harriman at his beautiful “Lanna Yoga Centre”, in Chiang Mai. Following this we travelled to Sri Lanka to work voluntarily for the incredible “Hellabeem” organisation; a space created for disabled and disadvantaged children, providing Integral Healing through Dance, Yoga, Music and Arts.
I completed a “Feng Shui Architectural Course” with Alicia Goiriz in Paraguay, and then an “Inner Cure Energetic Alighment Course” with Ernani Fornari and Gabriella Carvalhoin Brazil further grounding myself in South American healing.
Alongside this I took Aerial Dance classes  with Amber Rava Joy, free lance performer of the “Cirque du Soleil”. These experiences with the Silks, Lyra Hoop, Hula Hoop and Yoga Swing was just the ingredient that I needed on this artistic Yogi Dance Path.
In London I then completed a further 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training, accredited by Yoga Alliance with the blessed teachings of Neel Kulkarni, founder of Adhiyoga. The emphasis of my training was put towards Yoga Practice, Philosophy and Chanting, connecting with the wonderful world of singing that I connect deeply with.
I worked teaching Yoga classes for adults and children in Paraguay and Brazil, and was one of the main organisers and teachers in the first “Parana Yoga Day” in the city of Encarnacion, Paraguay.
Currently I work teaching to children (including special needs) & adults Yoga and fusion of Dance styles with Yoga and provide complementary Massage and Energetic Healing including Reiki, Crystal healing, Inner Cure Energetic Alignment and Art.
With my architecture background I strongly believe in the power of our surroundings and how important it is to balance ourselves and as well the spaces/house/offices that we use everyday.
I Love creation and I think we can all become the Architects of our Life by harmonising our Body, Mind and Heart to nurture an INTEGRAL HARMONY within ourselves.
I am blessed to be able to share a natural and dedicated lifestyle, including a fulfilling and satisfying vegan diet, with my wonderful and loving husband.
Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope to learn more about you.
Namaste – the power in me see the power in you.