Stefan Latanowski

Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist & Holistic Healer

I graduated as a physiotherapist BSc(Hons) in 2007. Before deciding that I was best able to meet the needs of my clients by working independently, I completed 5 years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist within the NHS, of which 3.5 years were specialised within the field of paediatrics including employment within Chelsea Children’s Hospital and Jack Tizard Special School in London. I also worked part-time as a football physiotherapist for Gillingham FC Academy at their Centre of Excellence.

This experience allowed me to develop the traditional assessment and treatment skills required as a children’s physiotherapist. Alongside this, in search of self-discovery travel and a more holistic approach to my care, I also worked voluntarily as a physiotherapist with Douleurs Sans Frontieres in Cambodia and at the Hellabeem Centre in Sri Lanka. Additionally I carry out my own independent charity work for my adopted Sri Lanka family. These experiences contribute greatly on my quest to strive for excellence in the provision of therapy for children from all backgrounds.

My long term interests into natural healing, health and fitness took me to India where I was able to nurture my deep rooted passion for Yoga which begun at the age of 18 through the completion of 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training, accredited by the Yoga Alliance organisation. With the continual blessed input from my teacher Neel Kulkarni, founder of Adhiyoga, Yoga has become the essence of who I am and I strive to spread its Light.

Since then I have continued my professional development studying and practising a range of Eastern complementary therapies. In India I studied the history and therapy of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old system of natural healing developed through it’s Vedic culture, at an award winning and extremely well established ISO certified Ayurvedic hospital. Not only did this provide me with extensive training in Abhyanga massage; often referred to as the mother of all massages, but there was also a strong learning focus on the necessary diet and daily routine that is required in accordance to ones constitution. This further developed my approach in offering a complete and individual holistic programme required to make the necessary positive changes in ones life.

My strong beliefs in therapeutic energy work took me to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I studied Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at the Loi Kroh and Sunshine Network schools, both accredited by the Thai Healing Alliance International organisation. I also received my blessed Level 1 & 2 Reiki attunements and training with the Ajna Light in Thailand with Guy Harriman at his incredible LannaYoga Healing Centre. Additionally in England I studied Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong at the Tao Meditation Arts School and Craniosacral Techniques with the founder of the Upledger Institute Inc.

Due to my passion for serving children with special needs I have also completed ‘Aquaepps – Aquatic Physiotherapy for Children with Neurological Dysfunction’ training with Dr H. Epps, Special Yoga for Special Children Teacher Training’ with the Special Yoga Centre in London , ‘Tui Na Massage for Children with Autism’ training at the Tui Na Centre in London and Paediatric Gait Analysis and Orthotic Management’ training at GOSH in London with Elaine Owens. I am also blessed to be able to offer ‘Integral Special Needs Yoga’ sessions weekly at the incredible Me Too & Co charity in Richmond, wonderfully serving children with a wide range of complex needs.

I truly believe in using a combination of Western and Eastern traditions when striving for optimum happiness and health and ensure that time is dedicated each day to carrying out my own essential practices allowing me to serve others to the very best of my ability. The combination of my studies, my work experience and my dedicated lifestyle has developed a strong clinical reasoning for my services alongside a pure intention which I am then able to use in conjunction with my vast knowledge of human anatomy.

I truly believe in the paramount importance of maintaining adequate care and attention for our bodies, allowing for optimum performance and function both physically and mentally. It is through this special attention that we owe to ourselves, that we can maximise our quality of life and continue to protect our health and well-being. The human body has such an incredible capacity to continually work towards healing itself to its optimum possible state when it is simply given the chance to do so.

I am blessed to be able to share a natural and dedicated lifestyle, including a fulfilling and satisfying vegan raw diet most of the time, with my beautiful wife Melinda who is also a Yoga/Dance teacher and holistic healer, alongside being an incredible artist and musician. It is this natural and integrated approach which we Love that I promote in all of my services.