Martin thinks that Stefans massage is very effective allowing for his tight muscles to loosen and he feels more relaxed just entering your space and talking to you! Martin also really appreciates the fact that you are so kind and understanding and want the best for people. On top of this I also value the fact that your advice extends way beyond your practice. We have talked about food, relaxation and even dental health!

Céline, D.A (parent)

Stefan and Melinda's approach is extremely individual to the child. Following regular Yoga sessions my children are much calmer and have improved attention/communication/focus/listening/co-operation.

Stacey, N (parent)

The unconditional love and passion for kids with needs is something that I truly value with their service. Stefan and Melinda are one of the most loving and caring individuals we have met and our son, who has accessed Yoga and hydrotherapy, absolutely adores them.

Joyita, R (parent)

Stefan and Melinda offer a real calmness in their approach with a real understanding of the child. Following regular Holistic Yoga sessions my child demonstrated clear improvements particularly in breathing, understanding and speech.

Taranum, M (parent)

The approaches and methods used are greatly beneficial for Thomas as they push him to work hard but in a manner that enables him to be calm and confident. Thomas has become physically stronger and mentally more resistant. His development has leapt forward in a short time since attending sessions with Melinda and Stefan.

Ashley, D (parent)

Melinda was my teacher trainee for 500 hour level Yoga Teacher certification. I found her extremely sincere and meticulous in her studies. She demonstrated creativity and art in her physical portion of Yoga, and talent in her chanting. By translating my big book Adhiyoga (408 pages) into Spanish language she absorbed my methodology fully and also demonstrated her commitment. Her skill in Dance is extremely complimentary to her Yoga. She has skill in Yoga and compassion in heart. This will take high onto the spiritual ladder, while helping others to achieve health and happiness.


Dr. Neel Kulkarni (Founder of Adhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System® 1998)

It is only by great fortune one gets a Yoga Student like Stef Latanowski. He is meticulous, dedicated and humanistic. A rare combination indeed!

Dr. Neel Kulkarni (Founder of Adhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System® 1998)

Melinda is an authentic person, who is not afraid to go in search of her happiness.

She wants to find the meaning of everything in life, but with the simplicity of being free and not lose your spirit.

I love her classes because they are full of originality and creativity, always giving a special touch to the music she chooses, and they are spectacular.

She knows how to be herself, and she knows how to be a friend, one of the qualities I love most about her.
I hope I can return to one of the classes soon to fill me with energy.

Tatiana, B
I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Melinda. Melinda has an impressive range of highly-developed skills as a teacher of Yoga/Dance and as a holistic healer.
I have enjoyed wonderful reiki sessions with her and taken part in her classes in Yoga/Dance which I have thoroughly enjoyed (even though I have two left feet!) I have also attended amazing workshops on yoga and meditation which she has facilitated jointly with Stefan.
I have no hesitation in recommending her very strongly. 
Mark, S

Stefan is a calm and calming person. He has been working with my 9 year old son who has cerebral palsy, for a coupe of months, and they clicked straight away. Stefan visits our home where he does yoga and physio with Dan, using breath control and music during the session. With Stefan, Dan has been able to focus better, to be more relaxed and he is learning to cope with some of his nervous habits around movement. I would recommend anyone with a child who needs a calm relaxed approach to stretching and exercise to meet Stefan. We are looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Catherine, P (parent)

My son has various physical challenges and learning difficulties so Stefan work with him over the Summer and showed me some new exercises in the hydro-therapy pool.. not always easy in a group too. Stefan is both knowledgable and patient and certainly a calming effect on us all. I would recommend his services and we hope to get some more time with him in the near future. Thank you.

Ian, B (parent)

When I visited Melinda I was full of the angst and frustrations that I'm sure we all carry around with us. I didn't know what to expect but what I definitely didn't anticipate was the immense sense of release and relaxation that followed. Melinda gives herself totally to her clients and I felt it all the way through. She used all her energy to make sure I was getting what I needed and I could feel my muscles release with each minute that passed. She used oils and stones during the massage which was utterly incredible with just the right amount of pressure.

After the massage came the Reiki and crystals which i've never tried before but I felt a release of emotions straight after - not only did I relax physically but also mentally after the session which was quite unexpected and incredible given how much I hold in! Melinda uses her own concoctions of sprays during the massage which again added to the whole sensation on relaxation and I felt as though I was floating on a cloud of peace after the whole session!

I had my massage at her home which added to the sense of relaxation and peace. I would absolutely recommend Melinda if you're looking for total relaxation of mind, body and soul and want the best massage in London! You don't need to go to a salon to find the best - she's actually hiding out in a house in Ham!

I'll be booking Melinda again soon as now i know what it's like to truly relax, I'm hooked!

Sophie, F

Melinda is a shining person. I lived with her for two months and could feel the good energy she was bringing in the house. By sharing meals and afternoons together I could feel that she is authentic in her practice and genuine in her willingness to search, maintain and diffuse harmony inside and around her.

I attended one acroyoga class with her and I would have taken one hundred more. I had a lot of fun; she is really great at making you feel comfortable, alive in dancing with the music and to feel like a child when practicing acro yoga.

I also got the opportunity to have a Reiki & Massage session with Melinda. It was soft and profound. She created a safe atmosphere where I could deeply relax. She was listening to what I needed and also gently suggested ways for me to go deeper.

Finally, I attended a workshop on meditation organised with Stefan. They created a very nice atmosphere in the group. We learned a lot, by listening, sharing with each other and doing exercises. I still use some tips they gave to us! I recommend Melinda wholeheartedly.

She is professional and more than that; she is grounded and aligned with herself, full of Light. You will get a lot!

Zoe, B

Early last year I took yoga classes with Melinda on her visit to Argentina, the truth is that they were spectacular, all classes were extremely varied, going to different places and one more beautiful than another.

Melinda is blessed with a sweet patience and charisma. She has a super sensitivity to go beyond mere exercise and through her yoga classes allows for the exploration of deeper issues in your being. She goes for growth, healing and expansion of self and that made me feel contained and comforted at every meeting.

The truth is I miss those classes, her depth of knowledge is so comforting meaning you never stop learning with her!!! I hope you all can learn from and enjoy her lessons as much as I did!

Helena (Yoga Student)

Melinda is a girl with a respect towards the world and to all living being spirits. I appreciate having known her and have worked with her at my Fitness Rehabilitation Center. In a short time her Yoga teaching won the heart and friendship of her students. Now they are missing their dynamism, energy and creativity.
She also gave classes for children instilling in them a love for nature and care for themselves, their thoughts and their emotions.
In a short time she brought a myriad of values, love and wisdom in our small space. Dearest Melinda keep following a path of brightness, success and blessings beside your husband! We love you and miss you!

Agustina y Dolores (Healthy Living)

I participated in both yoga classes and an Acroyoga workshop with Melinda as instructor. She is a being of light... she has a special charisma, conveying peace and harmony in her classes, which are very soothing for the body and mind. Her classes are very creative and they have a special gift to convey much inner peace!

Haidi E (Yoga Student)

Melinda is a very special person and a dear friend of pure heart and radiant soul! She is an excellent professional , I was really passionate about her work, it was wonderful the time we spent together, it conveys with her practice self-knowledge, peace, harmony and love. I am very grateful to have lived this inner and exterior work experience with her.

Renata (Yoga Student)
Alto Paraiso, Brazil

Melinda is a person full of light and joy. Her creativity and kindness abound. She has a natural gracefulness born of a lifetime dedicated to body consciousness, in yoga and dance. She worked for some time in our yoga retreat center in Brazil, Pandavas Paradise, and her classes were appreciated by all our guests and we all enjoyed the presence of her company.

Giridhari Das (Paraiso dos Pandavas, Brazil)

Where Melinda goes will be radiated with perfection, inspiring love and compassion to each and every person who comes close to share with her, whether an unknown person, a friend or a student.
Melinda is a studious teacher who loves to keep learning! Passionate about Yoga, enchanted to serve others through healing, always present and attentive!
Dedicated and taken by the energy of Yoga to transmit this sacred science from the heart and through the movements of your body.
Hopefully you will have the opportunity to be beside her, trusting that you will be in excellent hands to practice and experience Yoga, enriching your life with a beautiful body-mind-soul connection.

Sat Hari Kaur (Director of Holistic Center Surya)
Encarnacion, Paraguay

The search of healing the body has led me to study some schools of yoga and several types of meditation but it always seemed that I lacked the connection with the harmony my whole being.

Melinda as a guide realized that the body dances in itself and intuitively knows your path to healing once you can understand how to sync with the cosmic dance, Yoga! Creativity awakens once the music comes and the thoughts rests. So Melinda integrates all this and she continues to inspire me to this day.

I cannot thank enough everything she has done for me in this intense way of knowledge of being. May the Light continue to shine on you dear Melinda!

Tina, K

Our 10 year old daughter, Isis, has Downs Syndrome, global delays and cannot stand, walk or talk. Since May 2016, Isis has been receiving Yogi-Physio sessions from Stefan on a weekly basis. In this short time, we have both noticed a truly marked improvement in Isis’ relaxation, calmness and overall physical demeanour. She is much more compliant and her concentration and focus has greatly improved too. If these effective and positive changes can be seen at such an early stage, then we can only imagine what potential Stefan can unlock within Isis as time unfolds.

Stefan’s unique holistic approach along with his natural love for helping others’ is truly a rare gift indeed in these days of profit and materialistic gain as a sole driving force in today’s world. He truly is gifted, a breath of fresh air and a one in a million highly evolved souls who works for the greater good of all humanity by the special work he does.

Therefore, my family and I have no hesitation whatsoever in fully recommending and supporting the miraculous work that this gentle, humble and spiritual man has to offer to our special needs children and adults in society. We have the utmost trust, respect and admiration for Stefan and would highly recommend him to anyone to effectively help with the development of children and adults in general. God Bless you Stefan and your special holistic work. When the student is ready – the teacher appears.


Aldona, Z-T & Alan, T (parents)

Stefan provides a specialist service to my daughter Celeese and many other children that the NHS cannot fully support. Stefan has worked with Celeese for 2 years as our private physiotherapist and she has made great progress with him. Even though she is non verbal, it is so heart warming to see how her face lights up every time she sees him!

It is very difficult to find a physiotherapist with so much wide spread knowledge. Stefan has a genuine caring nature and is loved by all the children and their families for the support he gives. He not only encourages my daughter but he also encourages me. He teaches us exercises and compiles notes on his recommendations for us to work on. Stefan always listens to me, involves me and his advice and gentleness comes straight from the heart! I think this shows from when you first meet him.

Stefan is an extremely caring, considerate and selfless person who strives to serve the community, and for that we are all so thankful.

Gemma, M (parent)

Stefan has been taking my 9 month old baby, Dexter for 3 months now. He has been diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I am thrilled that Dexter is now able to roll from front to back and has a lot more strength and co-ordination. Stefan is proactive, conscientious and cares deeply about his work, he is not set in his own ways and adapts to each child and certainly has had to think outside the box with Dexter, and his methods are successful. A forward thinker and a physio of quality. I could not recommend him enough. Thank you for taking Dexter under your wing Stefan!

Gemma, S-H (parent)

Stefan has a profound and impactful way of working with children who have special needs. He is indeed what I nickname the “kid whisperer”. He is able to, via yoga and meditation techniques, breakdown barriers and get children to relax, pay attention and follow his instructions so that they can work together. The outcomes he provides through his work are happier, more confident children who are much more relaxed, stronger and focused. He is much more specialised than yoga instructors in that he has a background in physiotherapy specifically for children with special needs.

Jennifer, P (parent)

Stefan has a genuine talent for working with children with special needs. My twins were born 14 weeks early and are diagnosed with ASD. They both find it hard to sit and concentrate, however Stefan (known as the 'child whisperer' in my group of friends) manages to get them to sit and focus for 30 minutes and do things I could never have imagined. I thoroughly recommend Stefan and I feel blessed to have him in our lives.

Sophie, F (parent)

Stefan is an excellent professional acting out of pure passion for Yoga, health and well being with an open
heart and genuine engagement. 

Vania, R

I attended a Yogi Physio course which was both challenging and inspiring. Stefan is a sincere, thoughtful and obviously experienced teacher. His thorough knowledge of the body through his physiotherapy training allied with Yoga practise is a brilliant combination. As a beginner, I found it a joy to participate in this course and I felt very safe having suffered lower back problems on occasion. The course involved very thoughtful teaching at a gentle pace with lots of hands on help. The group was small and Stefan is incredibly attentive so there is never any 'unsure feeling' of what is going on. Stefan really is the perfect instructor due to his kind, patient and encouraging approach. I will definitely be signing up for more!

Moyra, F

My son Christian has been receiving Therapeutic Yoga from Stefan for around 6 months now. Christian has sensory processing disorder, anxiety, hyper-mobility, hypotonia and has recently been diagnosed with ASD (Aspergers). I have seen the benefits of our Yoga sessions from the way Christian is learning how to move his body and understand where it is placed in the space around him. 

Christian can often arrive at Yoga suffering from severe anxiety after a stressful day at school. What is lovely is how Stefan will spend the last part of the sessions connecting with Christian's presenting needs by talking with him and helping him to achieve relaxation. Stefan helps Christian to see the goodness inside of him and removes the negativity of that day. I find Christian much calmer afterwards and he always sleeps better that night.
In all I find Yoga to be extremely rewarding for both Christian and I. It is a peaceful practice that allows us to unwind, relax and draw positive energy. We are better people for it.
Tanya, B-B (parent)

Having experienced back pain for many years, a friend recommended Stefan's great work to me. His vast combined knowledge of yoga, physiotherapy and massage created an incredibly unique and thorough assessment. Through a variety of yogi physio and massage treatments my back is feeling the strongest it has felt in years. Stefan is clearly passionate about his practice and this compliments his kind and thoughtful nature. I cannot praise him enough!

Lucy, S (Midwife)

I have consulted many specialists over many years about a wide range of problems including chronic severe headaches and insomnia which had, in turn, generated other health issues such as stress and high blood pressure. Diagnoses have always been uncertain. At best, I have been offered medication to suppress my symptoms.

Since working with Stefan, I have at last begun to develop in-depth understanding and solutions. Stefan's very thorough and in-depth holistic assessment revealed much that was new to me. His unique integrated approach, drawing on Physiotherapy and Yoga, proved to be exactly what I needed. Stefan is also an excellent teacher who enables those with whom he works to acquire a subtle awareness of interactions between mind, body and soul. I am much more in tune with my body and am learning how to use my body to modulate my mind and my mind to control my body. My posture has improved, my headaches are now rare and much less intense, and my sleep patterns are improving. I have no hesitation in providing Stefan with my wholehearted endorsement.

Mark, S

Thanks to Stefan, I feel more informed and equipped to support my sons development. Stefan has been following my son Dorian practically from his birth, and he has been great at gently reinforcing the benefits of supporting his development, and has encouraged me by providing practical techniques (including baby massage) that I can use at home. He especially helped me with some exercises I was avoiding as they typically led to cries e.g tummy time and rolling. Stefan is clearly very comfortable with babies and his passion for his profession and humble approach have made our sessions very enjoyable for both baby and mum!

Sylvine, B (parent)

Stefan's Yoga classes are very well structured and taught from the heart with care and good knowledge to give everyone of all abilities an experience of Yoga, even if it is their first Yoga session. I thoroughly enjoyed Stefan's class and left feeling very light and totally relaxed but also with the knowledge we had performed some challenging asanas. I went on to then have a massage with Stefan. Knowing his background as a Physiotherapist together with a Yoga and massage qualification I had faith in his ability to disperse any knots I might be carrying within! To follow his class with a massage was amazing, it brought my mind, body and soul to a very peaceful place and was a perfect way to end the session and one I would definitely recommend to everyone.


Susan, D

Stefan's yoga classes are simply perfect. His clear voice and sound instruction is very grounding and a great combination to the invigorating music that he chooses. Stefan is a sweet, thoughtful and dedicated soul and this resonates in everything that he teaches!

Olivia, P (Dance Mandala Facilitator)

I started seeing Stefan to improve my flexibility as my legs were stiff and injury-prone from running ultra marathons. I'd never done Yoga before. Right from the first meeting it was clear to see just how much Stefan understands the body, how it moves and how it functions. After a very thorough and holistic initial assessment he put together a programme for me that was tailored exactly to my needs. As well the Yoga, I had some deep tissue Ayurvedic and Thai massage sessions which really helped my Yoga progress. The flexibility just seemed to come a lot quicker that I expected. What's more, the Yoga has opened up new ideas about my breathing capacity (which has helped my asthma), my diet and my general health. An inspiring teacher. I'm working hard to improve and feel great! Highly recommended!

Nick, M (Senior Chiropractor)

I've recently seen Stefan for both Massage and Yoga classes and both have been very beneficial and enjoyable. Stefan is a great teacher and therapist and his knowledge is amazing. Would highly recommend him!

Laura, M (Senior Chiropractor)

I have a Visually-Impaired 3 year old son with Global Developmental Delay and a Seizure Disorder. He was very lucky to have Stefan as his first Physiotherapist when he was just under a year old. Stefan not only showed confidence and knowledge, but also passion and commitment in helping and working with my son. Stefan connected with my son in a very special, soulful way and, though he still has a long way to go, my boy is today stronger and achieving his physical goals as a result of Stefan’s work with him. I highly recommend him. Lucky those who get to meet Stefan and work with him.

Jorge, H.W (parent)

I was fortunate to be able to experience Stefan's Yoga teaching and massage. The first thing which struck me during his teaching is Stefan's contagious energy. He clearly fully believes in what he teaches and it is infectious. Stefan has an incredible depth of knowledge and is able to tailor his classes to your needs. He had worked me into quite a sweat by the end! Stefan's massage focused on my neck and upper back as I had developed a lot of tension in this area due to sitting in an office chair for 10 hours a day accumulating a lot of stress. Parallel to his vast knowledge on Yoga you can clearly tell Stefan's knowledge on massage is impressively equal. His massage brought me so much relaxation that I went into a blissful trance like daze at one point. I would not hesitate to highly recommend any of Stefan's services to anybody and find his prices extremely reasonable when comparing to more commercial places and considering the high quality of unique personal service you receive throughout. 

James, B

Stefan's massage was the highlight of my week, I felt as if a huge weight was taken away from my shoulders. Stefan managed to release me from a neck and back pain I was so used to, due to spending too much time sitting in front of my screen at work. The greatest benefit to me was sleeping really well after our session. I'll recommend Stefan's approach to any person suffering from insomnia too. It was amazing to experiment peace of mind by taking care of my body's health.

Thank you Stefan!


Ana, C.R

I had the pleasure of working with Stefan within both a special school and a multi-disciplinary community health team for children with disabilities. As a physiotherapist, Stefan is confident and knowledgeable, patient and approachable, and gentle in his way with children. He is a passionate and dedicated Yogi and has a magic way of connecting to each child as an individual. Stefan not only has a special way with children; I am yet to meet a parent who has not been very grateful to have found him to work with their family. Stefan stands out as a healer in his way of connecting to people in a mindful and non-judgmental way, striving to understand the person first, before the disability.

Nikki, S (Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist)

I first heard about Stefan through a mutual friend whilst talking about our various aches and pains. As a keen tennis player I have a muscle imbalance on my right hand side. This has manifested itself in various ways that puts a lot of stress on my neck, shoulders and lower back.

The first aspect of Stefan’s approach and assessment that struck me was its truly holistic and caring nature. It turned out that alongside doing some of Stefan's Yogi Physio exercises at home that some massage sessions were also indicated in order to target the deep areas affected. At first, I must admit, there was some scepticism on my part. I had been referred to physiotherapists in the past, as well as having various massages, and had not found them very helpful in the long-term. In the past my experiences with massage had consisted of little or no interaction with the masseuse and a rather simplistic (sometimes even inaccurate) manipulation of my body. It really did seem that they were merely plodding through a set routine regardless of who I was. With Stefan however it was clear from the outset that I was more than a mere inanimate lump of clay.

The practice room where the sessions take place is extremely calming and relaxing. The essential oil diffuser and tranquil music serves to engage all senses and prepares you for what is to come. Stefan was interested in precisely what areas of my body I was experiencing discomfort in and tailored his routine to address these areas specifically. He taught me how to focus on my breath during the massages, especially when working on areas of tension which enabled me to reach a level of relaxation I hadn’t experienced before letting go of a lot of tension.

Stefan’s experience as a trained Physiotherapist clearly gave him a greater depth of knowledge than most masseuses. That combined with his obvious in-depth knowledge of yoga and natural health clearly sets him apart from other practitioners I had experienced. Add in the fact that his prices are extremely reasonable when set against others and considering the quality of service you receive, it really is a very good deal.

I can honestly say that after only a few sessions with Stefan my flexibility, core strength and posture has all improved a great deal. I would have no qualms at all about recommending Stefan to anyone who is looking for that extra something special in their therapy.

Nic, A (English Teacher)
As a Physiotherapist Assistant, I worked alongside Stefan as one of the Senior Physiotherapists at a special needs school. Stefan is extremely caring, focused, professional, kind, patient, honest, organised and loving to the children he serves. All children respond very well to his special manner and they always enjoy their time with him. Stefan has a very wide knowledge base on how to treat children who present with a variety of different complex medical conditions and consequently have high Physiotherapy needs including postural management, equipment and orthotics. All colleagues and parents loved working with Stefan and I myself personally learned a lot from him.  To anyone that is seeking Physiotherapy input for their child with special needs I would highly recommend to try a session with Stefan. 


Kim, P (Physiotherapy Assistant at Jack Tizard Special School during Stefan's employment at Chelsea Children's Hospital)
Massage with Stefan is truly a wonderful experience. My body felt so relaxed afterwards, it took me a good 10-15 minutes to be able to fully wake up and get back to reality. I am currently five months pregnant and Stefan made me feel so comfortable and ensured me which parts of my body were safe to be massaged. Everything from the ambiance of his therapy room to the actual massage itself was extremely relaxing and therapeutic.
I didn’t mention the precise location of where I had been feeling little twangs and knots however Stefan was able to identify these exactly with full focus on my problem areas. I did not realise how sitting in the same position and starring at a screen at work had such an adverse effect on my body. After the initial feeling of relaxation following my session, I then felt energised as if someone had recharged my batteries. Stefan is able to listen to your body and can tailor the strength of his massage accordingly. It had a really positive effect on my body and I could feel that my bump certainly enjoyed it too.
Stefan's location is also super easy to access whether travelling from Richmond, Kingston or Teddington directions. It was a lovely day and so I enjoyed walking across the lock from Teddington.
Emma, G

I recently took one of Stefan's yoga classes, Core Stability and Balance. Stefan was a fantastic teacher, patient and encouraging to everyone. The class had a very calm and focused atmosphere and Stefan's knowledge and passion for Yoga was clear throughout. I would definitely like to take more of his classes in the future.

Ruth, P

After having a very thorough initial assessment with Stefan he was able to diagnose the root cause of my low back pain that I have had for many years. He then provided me with a range of Yogi Physio exercises to support my neck and lower back including the re-training of my deep core muscles.

During subsequent sessions there was a strong emphasis on breathing techniques which allowed me to experience some peace within and stillness. By connecting to my breath I was able to experience uplifting sensations which I have not experienced before. I really feel Stefan is being guided by ancient masters from time BEFORE! I really had quite a spiritual experience and felt truly connected. 

Since practising these techniques my back feels stronger than it has been for years and  people have even said that I have lost weight around my tummy. I am totally thrilled with the results.

Thank you so much for your talents Stefan.

Julie B, (Business Coach - Trader of Commit2Action)
Cardiff, Wales
Stefan taught Yoga to me, my wife and my children in Pune, India during his stay there. He is an excellent yoga teacher and is himself a great yoga practitioner. The depth of his knowledge on the philosophy of Yoga is clear and his commitment to Yoga during all demonstrations in life is simply amazing.
When teaching asanas (Yoga poses) Stefan is able to successfully break them down into small simple steps while fully explaining the intention behind each pose. Being a physiotherapist Stefan can then also very effectively relate the effect of the asana on the appropriate body parts. 
Stefan speaks very gently with his students of all ages and always appreciates their efforts. He speaks very positively and encourages each and every student to continually improve. We as students of Stefan loved each and every Yoga practice we did with him.
Sagar & Mayuri, J
Pune, India

I came to Stefan as I suffer from a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders due to carrying heavy bags to and from work and general stress. I wanted to try Thai massage as Stefan had explained that through this method he could really work deep into my body which is a better way to target tension in the long term as opposed to just experiencing short term symptomatic relief. It was a completely different form of massage than I was used to, however Stefan made me feel completely at ease and I soon began to relax and enjoyed this new technique.

Stefan works in a very professional way and it is clear he is very skilled at what he does. I particularly loved the head massage at the end of the treatment, so much so that I booked in and treated myself to a shoulder, neck and head massage the following week. This was one of the best I have ever had and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Sophie, S (Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist)

I came to Stefan with a problematic back, his years of experience with physiotherapy and yoga are evident with his ability to determine restorative exercises depending on the pain my back was experiencing at the time. Stefan worked with me as well as giving simple and clear instructions, and also taught me effective asanas to practice independently which has improved my back dramatically. Stefan has such an encouraging, positive energy that makes each session with him a pleasure.

Alice, W (Teacher)

As a strength & conditioning coach, and personal trainer, I understand the need for effective recovery in order to maximise performance. I had used many techniques as part of my recovery before, however, I had never tried Thai massage. I came to Stefan in need of some help to alleviate the pain I had been experiencing in my knees. After our first session, Stefan was able to tell me that the pain I was suffering was caused by tightness in my hips and quads. Stefan showed me some simple restorative exercises that I have managed to easily slot into my warm up. Even after a week, I could already see a difference. With such hectic lifestyles these days, I highly recommend Thai massage not to just my athletes, but to all my clients as a way to de-stress their body and de-clutter their minds. To maximise the experience, I would echo Stefan's words - have an open mind and just relax.

Jonathan, D (Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer)

Stefan has always been professional in his manner with excellent communication skills. He is very kind and always shows great empathy with those in his care. Children and families respond very well to him and he is able to develop a strong rapport which in turn maximises his treatment outcomes. Even after he left our service, those that he worked with still enthuse about his inputs. Stefan's work ethic, commitment and drive ensures that he is an invaluable asset to anyone that he works with in the future.

Helen, A (Supervisor during Stefan's employment at Chelsea Children's Hospital)

During his time at our school Stefan became an invaluable member of the staff team who always placed the needs of children at the centre of his practice. Stefan was a sensitive, caring, confident and reflective practitioner who worked hard to secure the confidence of others and ensure the needs of the children through his care were met. Stefan’s excellent communication skills and ability to work as part of a team supported the development of very good and effective relationships with children, staff and parents.

Stefan always showed a professional, mature and sensitive approach to his work. His working practices were always underpinned by integrity, commitment and dedication to the children and families he worked with. I would highly recommend Stefan to anyone.

Head Teacher of Jack Tizard Special School during Stefan's employment at Chelsea Children's Hospital

Stefan displays the utmost professionalism based on sound therapeutic knowledge. He is an excellent teacher, knowing how to interact with his clients ensuring that his message is clearly conveyed. I must congratulate Stefan on his continual perseverance and ability to adapt in a particularly difficult working environment. Being fully immersed in a new culture he knew precisely how to adapt to this environment showing immense courage, enthusiasm and a keen mind. Stefan has excellent powers of observation and communication and always endeavours to improve his service to others. To conclude Stefan's work was of the highest standard and all his objectives were met. Everyone is extremely grateful for Stefan's contributions.

Katell, M (Medical Co-ordinator of Douleurs Sans Frontieres organization at the time I worked for them in Cambodia)

Stefan is an incredible physiotherapist and has a beautiful manner with children. Our daughter bonded more quickly with Stefan than with any one else that has worked with her and this is because his warmth and encouragement shines through. We are very thankful for the time we had with Stefan.

Anonymous parent