Ajna Light Healing

The Ajna Light (click to read more) offers an innovative and unique way to explore your intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe by inducing a hypnogogic state experience (a trance state that occurs when we transition between being awake and asleep). In this trance state our mental defences are lowered and we are open to a greater consciousness (awareness).

Through stimulation of the pineal gland  (Third Eye Chakra) it allows you to connect to the root of your being and your psychic vision. This provides the opportunity for enhanced well being and accelerated spiritual growth complimenting existing practices and other treatments being received.

*the Ajna Light is not suitable for anyone with known epilepsy or for anyone with a history of epilepsy in their family.

As official ambassadors of the Ajna Light we are able to process sales priced at $5555 for the AL3.