Reiki with Crystal Healing

We both received our blessed Reiki Level 1 & 2 attunements from Guy Harriman at his incredible LannaYoga Healing Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Guy is a 3rd degree Reiki Master, measured from Mrs. Tanaka, who in the 1970s shared this Japanese energy healing art for the first time with the Western world. Guy prefers to use a similar approach to Dr. Usui, the founder of this Reiki system which is now used throughout the world. Dr. Usui was simple in his approach, using direct teaching without a rigid intellectual structure.


Reiki is a beautiful and simple way of connecting the body and soul to the energy of the universe. You are taken on a soul journey as you allow the channelled energy to flow. Through the use of Reiki symbols and chakra activation you are provided with a healing space to connect to source energy. It is a facilitation of entering the meditative state and so is deeply healing.


crystalsCrystals have been used by humans since ancient civilisations for their beauty and for their protection. Beyond this though is the incredible energy that lies within. When you start to tune with crystals you can feel that each and everyone of them has a different vibration which can help you in many different aspects of your life.

Most crystals are derived from minerals and therefore took a very long time to take their solid form. It is through these years that crystals carry with them the knowledge of the earth and it’s nature.

We use crystals that we have found from all over the world throughout our family home, including our healing room & Yoga temple to elevate, to cleanse and to transmute the energetic fields. They are also an essential part of our Reiki and Holistic Massage sessions serving as channels for harmonising and aligning the energetic centres/fields of those that we work with.

We have loved learning how to connect with crystals over the years through our energetic practice and study and we personally work with their energies on a daily basis for individual and collective protection and enhanced wellbeing. We Love our crystals, we thank our crystals and we are pleased to share them with anyone who is open to receive their healing Light.