Children’s Holistic Yoga

Children are blessed with the innocence and freshness that comes with being at the start of their journey. With no inhibitions and fear they present as a white canvas on which Yoga can help them to choose the right colours to complete their beautiful existence.IMG-2189

The continual distractions and pressures that exist for children in this modern world can easily distract them from unearthing their talents; taking appreciation for life’s greatest gifts; develo
ping essential self care skills and cultivating the desire to be of service to others through pure intention and compassion. The focus that Yoga brings to children can lead to a true sense of joy and fulfilment.

Sessions can include the tuition of a combination of Yoga exercises.


 Children’s Yoga can also:

  • 11855747_116490545364877_1266130271830946008_nIntroduce mindfulness
  • Develop body awareness
  • Develop breath control
  • Encourage self esteem
  • Build self confidence and self worth
  • Develop strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve communication difficulties
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve strength
  • Improve balance
  • Improve co-ordination and motor planning skills
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Provide relaxation and cultivate grace
  • Cultivate connection with the natural world and a real sense of peace
  • Enhance creativity and self expression

We are also happy to discuss other venues for group classes.