CranioSacral Techniques

The function of the craniosacral system can be monitored through palpation of the craniosacral rhythm (which can be felt throughout the body with a distinctive character at different locations) highlighting where the system is operating normally and where it is not.

This healing art offers an exploration of the structures under your skin through very subtle nonintrusive touch allowing for examination without evoking resistance. It supports the notion that the body has the power to heal itself allowing one to find their ‘Inner Physician’ within the unconscious.

The focus is on alleviating restrictions to the movement of the bones within the skull, vertebral column, pelvis, sacrum and coccyx. Furthermore any obstacles to the free movement of the cerebrospinal fluid (produced within the craniosacral system) are addressed allowing for powerful effects on the central nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and visceral organs.

Dependent on the assessment of your craniosacral rhythm any of the following craniosacral techniques can be offered:

  • Pelvic Diaphragm Release
  • Respiratory Diaphragm Release
  • Thoracic Inlet Release
  • Still Point Inductions
  • Cranial Pumping
  • Rock & Glide