When I think about dance, I think about the cosmos…
organic, universal and dynamic flow. Continuous energy and vibrations.
The earth is constantly in movement rotating around the sun and the moon around the earth. All of nature is in a constant circle of birth, life and death. When we dance we connect with this circle of Love that allows to learn how to touch and to embrace what we feel.
We dance each day in our lifetime, either synchronising with the melody that the universe chooses for us or connecting with our own true essence.
To dance is to be gentle with yourself, to listen to your hearts whisper, to express the darkest and the lightest parts of you that are hidden inside.
The storm brings us the rainbows, the dark of the night allows us to admire the stars, the sun allows us to feel the warmth in our body.
Everything has its place, both dark and light, but always in constant motion…dancing!
Take a moment to dance, but not only with your body. Take a moment to dance and sync with your heart, for it is him that will show you your true performance.
Everybody can dance,
Everybody can live,
We are all alive, dancing in this cycle of Life.

There is something that Shines, and Shines within You.

We can all become the Architects of our Life, harmonising our Body, Mind and Heart to nurture an INTEGRAL HARMONY within ourselves.


Melinda Moraes de Latanowski