Feng Shui Architectural Consultation

1460035663185Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that has existed for more than 4000 years.

Feng Shui means “Water” & “Wind”; both essential elements for existence. A balanced space/house/office always promotes well being for the user.

The spaces that we use exchange energy within us, that’s why it is so important that harmony and balance is achieved between us and the spaces that we frequently use.

Through Feng Shui Architectural consultations Melinda detects areas where energy “Chi” / “Prana” is not flowing in your space and help to facilitate vitality and harmonising energy by bringing an equilibrium to the 5 elements; water, fire, metal, wood & earth.

Our vibration, within the vibration of our spaces, attract similar vibrations. We often take care and try to balance & workout our physical body & mind but we often forget that the spaces that we use have an important impact also. By becoming conscience of the spaces that we live in and use regularly we can help to facilitate the changes that we seek.

Through a ‘Feng Shui Architectural Consultation’ you will receive:

  • A Feng Shui blue print of your space (it is required that you send me a plan of your space in advance)
  • A visit and assessment (90 minutes) of your space/house/office to detect the ambiences where the “Chi” / “Prana” is blocked/over active or not flowing the way it should
  • Energetic cleansing & alignment of the space during the visit
  • A Feng Shui portfolio will be sent following the visit detailing all advice and recommendations on re-activating/re-balancing your space

* As an extra, you can receive an ‘Interior Design Feng Shui Project’ for any spaces that you wish to redecorate/renovate.