About Holistic Healing

We do not consider our service as our work time, but rather it is our dedicated and blessed lifestyle choice.

Because of this, on top of our existing qualifications, we are continually seeking for new opportunities to expand our growth through studying and practising a range of holistic healing methods from around the world. We truly believe in using a combination of Western and Eastern traditions when striving for optimum happiness and health.

We have been blessed to complete a variety of trainings (please view each of our qualifications) allowing us to integrate and infuse new techniques and approaches into our self service and service to others.

We truly believe in the paramount importance of maintaining adequate care and attention for our bodies, allowing for optimum performance and function both physically and mentally. It is through this special attention that we owe to ourselves, that we can maximise our quality of life and continue to protect our health and well being. The human body has such an incredible capacity to continually work towards healing itself to its optimum possible state when it is simply given the chance to do so.