Holistic Physiotherapy for Children

APCP LogoThe main role of physiotherapy in paediatrics is education and support. Working with children requires a wide range of qualities and skills that I have developed throughout my work and voluntary experiences including:

  • Able to gain the trust and approval from a child through an open, honest, positive and relaxed approach
  • Experienced observational skills
  • Experienced handling skills to facilitate movement
  • Effective strategies to promote motivation and dedication
  • Being flexible, creative and most importantly fun

I am experienced in working with children of all ages from early years right through adolescence (with the challenges that this period presents) and all the way into adult hood. I am experienced with children ranging from elite athletes, including working as the physiotherapist for the youth academy of a football league club at their centre of excellence, to working extensively with children with special needs.

I am able to integrate a combination of holistic healing approaches.