Inner Healing Energetic Alignment

goddessINNER HEALING is a shamanic energy technique that promotes bio-psycho-emotional rebalancing through the therapeutic use of the 6th sense (sensitivity). Through channeling it has the ability to access the content blockers (painful patterns and limiters) that populate our unconscious and our personality due to the traumatic events that occur through life and end up generating all kinds of suffering and disease.

This work, which has its roots in traditional Brazilian indigenous cultures, integrates the ancient shamanic and eastern knowledge with modern quantum physics, parapsychology and transpersonal psychology. It can promote a new perspective on your life and your relationships (with yourself, with others and with nature) and can open your awareness for the new holistic and systemic paradigm that is deploying on the planet.

Individual sessions last up to one hour and takes place in 4 stages:

1- Only in the first session the first phase of consultation takes place, when the WORK IS EXPLAINED. 

2- In the second phase I do a reading and an interpretation of your ENERGY FIELD, accessing the images, emotions and feelings that are emanating from your conscious / unconscious system.

3- In the third phase (“cleaning phase”) I pick up contents (“ENERGY BODIES”) expressing them psychically with gestures and words, releasing them from your energetic field, and directing them to the Christ Consciousness that guide and supports the transmutation work and rebalancing of these contents.

4- In the fourth phase these contents return back to you in a positive state, now called “BODY OF LIGHT” and re-engages in you. A “PASSWORD” (or MANTRA) is given to you that works as a medicine re-integrating these new contents so that the old patterns that have been transmuted and rebalanced are not rebuilt.

It is then your responsibility to practice the use of the Password to facilitate your rebalancing process further. The password is a potential energy vehicle healed and equilibrated in the form of words / sounds.

Ernani Fornari and Gabriela Carvalho were my teachers in the process of learning this technique.

Here there is a video of Ernani giving a full explanation of this technique: