Privacy Notice

Data Controller: Stefan Latanowski (registered with the ICO)

Please note my website contains links to other websites which are outside of my control and are not covered by this notice. I am not responsible for data which you provide through any linked websites.

Relevant information about my clients is collected and retained for the purpose of delivering my service in line with my professional legal obligation. A record of my client’s information is only created once a formal session has been carried out. Any paper records are locked away securely and any electronic records are held on a password protected electronic device with each file individually password protected too.

The information I collect and hold about my clients include: consent and contraindication forms including personal information (e.g. name, date of birth, names of parents/guardians/carers, contact details and address), any obligatory session notes including medical and social history (e.g. names and contact details of other professionals involved, school/nursery name, profession, family set up), any assessment records and reports generated by others shared by my clients. Clients must let me know as soon as possible in writing if any of their information needs to be amended.

The information I collect is confidential. I will not share any of this information without my clients consent. However, please note there may be situations in which I am legally obligated to share information. I do not sell my clients details to any third parties.

Information will be kept for no longer than is necessary in line with my professional obligations. Clients have the right to access their records. This needs to be done in writing to me with proof of identity. In the event of a breach of data security I would notify my clients and the ICO immediately.

Clients have the right to withdraw their informed consent from my service at any time which must be done immediately in writing to me. Clients have the right to lodge complaints with a supervisory authority if deemed necessary.

If you have any further questions about how I use your information please contact me via the details given above.