Pyra Light Healing (available with 2 pads and the Infra Red Nasal Light)

The Pyra Light (click to read more) offers an innovative and unique complementary combination of low level Infra Red Light Therapy and low frequency Pulsed Magnetic Therapy which harmonise all three Dan Tiens (three major energy centres in the body located in the belly, the heart and the head). The Infra Red Nasal Light operates inside the nose to increase oxygen to the brain, clearing brain fog and reducing tiredness. It specifically decoagulates red blood cells providing full surface area to carry oxygen and hence optimise overall healing.

Infra Red Light Therapy

Deeply penetrating therapeutic infrared light has been used for decades to heal and help in recovery of damage to bones, tissues, tendons, muscles and organs.

Infrared Light is also an excellent overall ‘body tonic’ promoting a healthier cellular environment for wellbeing and vitality.

The six LED infrared lights in the PyraLight pad are superpulsed simultaneously at three biologically important frequencies offering specific frequency healing:

  • 2Hz – Delta for deep relaxation/meditation and encouraging better sleep. This frequency suppresses the production of cortisol (a hormone generated when a person is stressed), produces 2 anti-aging hormones (DHEA and Melatonin) and it produces serotonin production in the gut.
  • 8Hz – Schumann for creating a harmonic healthy tissue environment that replicates Earth’s base resonance frequency. This frequency enhances rejuvenation, overall well-being and protects living cells from ambient EMF’s allowing for increased immune protection and reduced absorption of depression inducing chemicals.
  • 40Hz Gamma for integrating and balancing both hemispheres in the brain. This frequency promotes a sense of peace and spiritual awareness.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

The PyraLight produces safe, pulsed magnetic fields that are of lower frequency, and complementary to the chemistry and magnetic functions of the body.

A pulsed magnetic field penetrates through the body, and creates a cascade of effects at the entire cellular level. This cascade stimulates a vast array of supportive chemical and electric actions in the tissues, helping them to rebalance, restore or heal themselves wherever necessary.

Magnetic fields also increase the flow of ions and electrolytes in the tissues and fluids. They also increase the production of vital cellular energy, known as ATP, essential for healthy cell metabolism. Low levels of ATP (which is encouraged as we age through the creation of a toxic environment with poor quality of food, a lack of sleep & exercise and excessive EMF exposure) can cause cells to reduce their ability to heal, remove toxins or regenerate. Over time this can lead to disease conditions alongside speeding up the ageing process/reduced brain function.

Magnetic fields protect against cell injury by improving circulation and increasing special stress proteins in the cells. These proteins prevent cell breakdown and wear and tear, as well as help speed recovery from injury.

Other benefits of magnetic therapy include:
– reduced muscle tension, pain and inflammation
– improved immune system and RNA/DNA stimulation
– reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels
– improved sleep quality
– efficient and effective of structuring water inside and outside the body
– cellular detoxification and increased nutrient uptake
– increased energy levels and improved cell regeneration with blood and tissue oxygenation
– reduce migraines/headaches, reduce low back pain, reduce depression, improved blood flow and nerve regeneration.
Click on PyraLight Research and visit ResearchGate to view relevant supporting papers and research.
As official ambassadors of the Pyra Light we are able to process sales priced at $999 for the Pyra Light 2 (an additional pad and the Infra Red Nasal Light is available at an extra $334 for a limited time only).