Children’s Holistic Healing Special Needs Yoga

We firmly believe Yoga is an essential practice for children with special needs and that an integrated approach is necessary. Integral Yoga allows for a real opportunity to explore the full potential within a child with special needs, with every millimetre of change being celebrated. Sessions are always child led with our awareness on their presenting physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The goal throughout is to achieve the greatest sense of true peace and relaxation and to establish a strong connection with the heart.


Touch is a big part of sessions through massage. The body of a child with special needs utilises a large amount of energy each day to complete tasks that may not come as easily, especially in those presenting with spasticity. Massage is an invaluable opportunity to provide real relaxation and a true sense of peace.

The massage we offer for children with special needs is focused around the concepts used in Tui Na massage & traditional Thai Yoga massage with obvious extra care taken to consider any contraindications that may exist to any specific areas or techniques used.

For real effect to take place we strongly encourage and offer the appropriate teaching of massage techniques to parents so that it can be incorporated into the child’s daily routine, providing an excellent opportunity for special bonding time.

A combination of any of the following are also integrated into the sessions with whatever necessary adjustments made according to the child’s presentation:


  • Physical exercises
  • Inversion healing
  • Relaxing Massage (physiotherapy sessions must be booked for therapeutic massage)
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sensory exercises
  • Chanting
  • Music/Sound
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Guided meditation & mindfulness exercises
  • Reiki with crystal healing


Parenting a child with special needs is no doubt a very special journey with even more emphasis required on ensuring optimum care for yourself as a parent first, in order to best meet the needs of your child. Sessions can be directed at working with both parent and child simultaneously with the aim for everyone involved to reach a state of relaxation together.

We are also happy to discuss other venues for group classes.