Yogi Dance for Children

Dance is an organic, natural movement of the body that occurs the moment we born. There is no one that cannot dance. Everybody can dance within their own capacity and ability to embrace this art of expression and everybody has the right to express.

IMG-2198Dance is a wonderful way for children with special needs to connect gently with their own body, with their own flow and their own rhythm.
It also provides a special way to improve the breathing capacity of a child. Through dance and movement children can play but at the same time develop awareness about their body without even realising what challenging work they are doing. I use a combination of sounds, singing, gentle movement, Yoga postures, salsa, samba steps, all according to each child and how they present in each session.

The main goal throughout is to make the child’s natural beauty blossom, unravelling a new world of steps and providing the opportunity to self discover their own rhythm towards pure joy and a strong connection to the essence of the heart.
Touch is an important part of sessions through massage during the relaxation stage of the sessions. Massage is an invaluable opportunity to provide real relaxation and a true sense of peace after dance.

A combination of the following are also integrated into the sessions with whatever necessary adjustments made according to the child’s presentation:

  • Dance exercisesIMG-2192
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sensory exercises
  • Music/Sound
  • Singing meditation
  • Mandala painting
  • Visualization exercises
  • Reiki with crystal healing

I am also happy to discuss other venues for group classes.