Harmonic Healing Meditations for self exploration & empowerment

We run a weekly meditation group on Wednesdays at 19:00pm. The intention of the group is to share a meditation experience together, each taking the individual benefit from the practice, while also offering a collective vibration of Love and Peace to all.

The intentions of the practises are to develop concentration, becoming aware of any blockages that exist and gently learning how to process, heal and eventually resolve them to a place of harmony. We hope to share with others what meditation has and continues to do for us in manifesting our dreams into reality. The practice itself will take up no longer than 30 minutes but we will block out the hour to allow for reflection and discussion for anyone that wishes to stay and share. Full support and guidance will be available to those new to meditation.

For holding the space in our new crystal conservatory we warmly accept donations (suggested £5 but anything or nothing very welcome) which we will be giving directly to the ‘Hellabeem’ charity which is an internal training and rehabilitation centre in Sri Lanka for young people who are physically disabled and disadvantaged (http://www.hellabeem.nl/en/home_en/).
Please contact if you are interested to attend with no commitment to attend regularly.