Holistic Healing Yoga

Sessions may include any combination of the following:

Physical Exercises

These will first be completed with my supervision during our sessions together and then will be prescribed for routine completion outside of the sessions in order to allow for changes to occur. These exercises will always begin with a strong focus around the spine (the source of our energy flow and the central component making up our physical body).

Exercises can range from being very active and dynamic (including Vinyasa – movement with flow) to being more passive and restorative (Yin Yoga) with the introduction of specific Yoga asanas (postures) when appropriate, including those targeting:
– muscle flexibility & stability

– core stability & balance

– hip opening20151106_164104

– chest & shoulder opening
– back bending

– inversions

– hand balance

Breathing Exercises

Breath control (pranayama) is a big part of my approach. The correct use of our breath is essential in controlling the prana (life energy) that vibrates in all of us and therefore has a direct link to allowing us to take control of our body and mind. With a lot of pains that we experience in our body being linked to emotional stress, breathing exercises are essential to allow us to learn how to achieve a sense of acceptance and compassion for our present being. Consequently we learn how to let go of anything that we hold which has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. It is only through acceptance of our present self that then a real transformation can occur.

Relaxation Techniques

In order for any healing to occur one must first learn how to truly relax. Both physical and emotional stress can easily occur due to disturbances in energy flow that can occur due to the incompletion of the continual expectations we tend to set for ourselves in the modern world that we live in, alongside the inevitable attachment to the material world and a loss of awareness of our true self.

Guided Meditation

Cultivating control of the mind is the most powerful exercise that we can practise once our body is ready for us to do so properly. Even in its simplest techniques meditation is incredibly powerful at allowing us to stay in line with our goals by creating a real sense of compassion and care, firstly for ourselves which we can then resonate to all those around us. Meditation can come in many forms and the right techniques will be chosen accordingly and then carried out progressively with complete guidance and support throughout.


Creating sound through chanting is an integral part of Yoga that has be used throughout its history with the emphasis of its power noted in the fact that hearing has often been referred to as being our most powerful sense. Chanting can range from creating vibrations (e.g “Om”) to more melodic Mantras. When performed it is energising for the body/mind and can be very beneficial in developing focus and concentration, bringing a real sense of peace and happiness. Chanting can improve memory, co-ordination, motor planning and can also have a positive effect on communication difficulties.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can be a very cleansing process and can strengthen the eye muscles consequently improving visual focus. With the eyes acting as crucial tools for communication and connection with the external world, a lack of eye focus can be indicative of a disconnection from ourselves and an inability to connect with others which can then in turn lead to anxiety. Therefore eye exercises are very effective at helping with social and behavioural difficulties.


A mudra is a gesture used to help balance energy levels with most of them being performed using the hands and fingers although they can involve the entire body. The sequencing of mudras can help to improve attention, motor planning and can also be useful when working on regulation of breath.

We are also happy to discuss other venues for group classes.