Workshops for Adults

We are happy to discuss alternative locations venues for group workshops.

2.5 hour workshops offered:

Beginners Integral Yoga:

  • 11058154_10208536998238578_5296660366713749275_nAn introduction to traditional Yoga concepts serving to unite body, breath & mind.
  • An introduction to Yogi Dance.
  • Essential postural advice through Yogi Physio.
  • An introduction to Qi Gong.
  • Exercises taught to open up the vital parts of the body (in particular the spine, hips and shoulders).
  • An introduction to Yoga asanas (poses) & Yin Yoga.


Beginners Relaxation & Meditation:

  • IMG_2704An introduction to traditional Yoga philosophy.
  • An introduction to pranayama (relaxing breathing techniques).
  • An introduction to Yin Yoga (slow & gentle restorative physical exercises).
  • Mindful exercises.
  • Meditation theory & practice.
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogi sleep to achieve deep levels of relaxation).